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Electric trimming machine using the method(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2015-02-06
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Electric trimming machine is an application of high-speed rotation of the various shapes of the molding tool and accessories in the woodworking milling workpiece on 
various special-shaped groove or a variety of decorative lace hand operated electric tools. Electric trimmer for trimming operation with high processing efficiency, 
trimming, grooving quality is good, easy operation etc..
      Method of use
      Electric trimming machine is a high-speed rotation, forming milling cutter for wood products, hand-held electric tool. As a result of the reason such as the 
structure forming milling cutter and cannot set protective cover, so when used to special safety first operation. Electric trimming machine used safety precautions may 
refer the electric wood milling. In addition, it should also be noted:①the processed workpiece should be used as much as possible clamps the workpiece is fixed; the 
attention of formed milling cutter rotation direction and direction;③the operation to hold the tool in hand, to stay away from the rotating part; the molding cutter 
should be inserted into the collet nut taper blossom, so as not to cause the damage of shaft.
      ( 1) extending the length of the adjustable forming milling cutter.
Adjust the molding cutter extension length, should first loosen the nuts, then by adjusting screw so that the tool plate is increased or decreased, reaching the 
desired extension length, tighten the nut.
      ( 2) operating method.
The work bottom plate is placed in the processing element, not to have any contact with the knife. Start trimming machine, and the cutting tool to achieve the highest 
rotation speed. Then put forward a workpiece surface trimming machine, and the requirement to preserve the work bottom plate on the surface of the workpiece is evenly 
forward, until the completion of the cutting. Edge cutting, should make the workpiece is located on the cutter left ( from the feeding direction ). The use of linear 
guide or dressing guide, should be installed on the right ( from the feeding direction ). This helps to keep the workpiece edge is flush with.
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